January 23, 2007

Tracking Use and Billing for Services
With TitleSCAN Web 2007

About TitleSCAN Web 2007

TitleSCAN Web 2007 is a major TitleSCAN release that includes completely rewritten server-side software based on the latest Microsoft .NET software technology.  Featuring a high-performance scalable architecture able to support enterprise-wide title searching with tightly-integrated document image retrieval, TitleSCAN Web 2007 is the most advanced title plant software solution operating today.

In this issue of TitleSCAN Web 2007 Product News, we describe those features of TitleSCAN Web 2007 that make it an ideal platform if you want to sell services to others.

Outside Access Without
Compromising Network Security

If you want to sell title search services using the same system that you use internally, you are faced with a dilemma.  How can you provide access to outsiders without compromising your internal network security?  Of course, you can always provide the outsiders with network accounts, but most all network administrators would not find that acceptable.

TitleSCAN Web 2007 provides an elegant solution.  Called the Remote Portal Option, TitleSCAN Web 2007 allows you to set up a secure "Master Portal" server inside your network and place one or more "Remote Portal" servers on the outside or in a DMZ.  Inside users access the Master Portal directly.  Outside users access a Remote Portal, which communicates with the inside Master Portal using a secure link.  The result is that the outside users are provided with the same rich and interactive experience as inside users without directly accessing the Master Portal.  Problem solved.

User Activity Monitor

TitleSCAN Web 2007 provides a User Activity Monitor Option that records selected user activities in an SQL database.  Administrators can specify which activities to monitor, such as the creation of title orders,  the searching of property, or the retrieval of document images.

Each time a user performs any of the specified activities, a log record containing detailed information about the activity is written to the SQL database.  This includes information about who performed the activity, the date and time the activity occurred, the precise nature of the activity, and the results that were returned, if any.

All selected user activity is monitored including activity from users accessing TitleSCAN Web 2007 through the Master Portal or through any Remote Portal.

User Activity Reporting and Billing System

The User Activity Monitor Option also includes a complete User Activity Reporting and Billing System that generates reports on user activity.   A Setup feature provides the ability to customize the reports to use local terminology, and  to specify the fees to be charged for certain activities.

A separate fee structure can be established for each company, and charges can be levied for searches performed, search results returned, and other specified activities plus an optional base fee.   Most all commonly used charging schemes are supported eliminating the need for the development of custom billing software. 

Summary and detail reports can be run by company and user over any specified time period, and these reports can be attached as paper reports or PDF's to the invoices sent to companies using your TitleSCAN Web 2007 System.

For more information on how you can Track Use and Bill for Services with TitleSCAN Web 2007, contact Mary Fenner at 800-448-7226.

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