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November 15,  2004

TitleSCAN Systems Releases
Remote Portal Option for TitleSCAN Web

TitleSCAN Systems today announced the release of the Remote Portal Option for TitleSCAN Web.

This powerful and and easy to manage addition to the TitleSCAN Web Product Suite enables you to:

  • Provide TitleSCAN Web services to users outside your network without compromising your network security.

  • Deliver fast and responsive TitleSCAN Web services to remote offices over moderate speed telecommunications links.

If You Provide Services to Users
Outside Your Network

The Remote Portal Option enables you to provide services to users outside your network without opening your network to outside access.

Place the Remote Portal software on an existing server located in a DMZ beyond your network perimeter.  Your outside users access the TitleSCAN Web Remote Portal, which communicates securely with your inside TitleSCAN Web Master Server using SOAP (SOAP or "Simple Object Access Protocol" is an XML-based protocol).

Outside users have no access to your network, yet they will be able to use your TitleSCAN Web system in a secure manner.  Your inside users connect directly to the TitleSCAN Web Master Portal, which is a built-in component of the TitleSCAN Web Master Server located within your network. 

All users, no matter how they connect, are coordinated and managed by the Master Server,  which prevents conflicts such as multiple users attempting to simultaneously edit a single title order.

The Remote Portal Option imposes a number of  additional security measures including making all TitleSCAN Web Administrative Functions unavailable to users who access your TitleSCAN Web System through a Remote Portal.

If You Have Remote Locations
Requiring TitleSCAN Web Access

The Remote Portal Option enables you to provide highly responsive TitleSCAN Web services to remote offices even over slower telecommunications links.

Place the Remote Portal software on an existing server at the remote location and significantly improve system performance for all users at that location as well as reduce the load on your Master Server at your primary location. 

The Remote Server delivers the TitleSCAN Web software to users at the remote location and also dynamically caches and delivers static data such as document type codes and a wide variety of other data that would otherwise be repeatedly transmitted over telecomm links.  Only search data is transmitted using SOAP/XML enabling users at remote locations to quickly navigate through TitleSCAN Web and work as rapidly as they do at your primary location.

Any Number of Remote Portals
Can be Supported

Multiple Remote Portals can be setup for network security reasons or to improve remote performance or both.  Use existing servers so that no new hardware is required.

The Remote Portal software is self-managing and  dynamically adapts to changing conditions such as unexpected server downs or telecommunication failures.  No administrative intervention is required, and the Remote Portals dynamically negotiate with the Master Server as necessary.

Available Now

The Remote Portal Option is available for installation now, and Remote Portal Servers can be setup in minutes.  Contact Mary Fenner at 800-448-7226 or at sales@titlescan.com for further information.

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