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June 17, 2004

Why Plant Consolidation is Easy With TitleSCAN Web

Plant consolidation is not a new concept.  Many of the earliest automated plants were multi-county plants.  And, cost was the driving force then as it is today, although it was the hardware cost that was dominant.

Today, hardware is cheap and becoming cheaper.  It is the ongoing labor cost of plant maintenance and the cost of maintaining geographically distributed hardware that is the driving force behind plant consolidation.

TitleSCAN Web was designed from the ground up to provide distributed access to centralized plant data.  This data can reside on one or more servers that are centralized or geographically distributed for backup or redundancy purposes.  And, user workstations only need to run Internet Explorer making it easy to support existing users and add new users, since no special workstation software is required.

Of course, if you are running in a single location on a single local area network, TitleSCAN Web will work perfectly well.  If you wish to do so, you can always provide outside access, but many users do not and restrict use to just those workstations running locally or within a corporate WAN.

So, whatever your needs, one county or many, one location or many, TitleSCAN Web is the answer.  And, if you add or change locations, add new counties, want to provide services to others, or just want to move data from one server to another, this can be done with a few easy configuration changes without disrupting normal use.


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Why Plant Consolidation is Easy With TitleSCAN Web

Designed for distributed access to centralized data, TitleSCAN Web makes centralization simple and affordable.  Read More


New TitleSCAN Web Release Now Shipping

Release 1.11 provides enhanced image printing, new reports options, and much more.  Read More


SQL PlantServer to be Released

SQL Server and MySQL are to be supported with new data entry modules completely eliminating the legacy product.  Read More


Designated Nationals Service Announced

TitleSCAN Systems will provide the Treasury Department Designated Nationals data as an optional TitleSCAN Web service.  Read More


COD Format Image Conversion Service

TitleSCAN Systems establishes facility to convert COD format image files to industry-standard TIFF.  Read More

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New TitleSCAN Web Release Now Shipping

Last week, TitleSCAN Systems began shipping TitleSCAN Web Release 1.11, which provides a host of new features. These include:

  • Ability to select image documents and pages within image documents for later printing as a single print job.

  • New report options for all reports providing the ability to include or exclude report features such as subdivision definitions in property searches.

  • New Order Find report with both detail and summary options.

  • Format changes to all reports to reduce white space and word wrapping.

  • Option to store login information locally on a workstation and recall it automatically on the next login.

  • And, much more ....

SQL PlantServer to be Released

A completely new PlantServer™ SQL database engine will be shipped with a forthcoming TitleSCAN Web release.  This new release will include new data entry modules and will completely replace the existing legacy components.

Microsoft SQL Server and the open source MySQL will be supported.  Users currently running SQL Server for other applications will normally opt to use that database with TitleSCAN Web.  For others, MySQL is particularly attractive since it provides higher performance at a very low cost.  MySQL is now used by thousands of major organizations including NASA, Sabre Holdings,  Travelocity, Yahoo, UPS, Google, and many others.

All existing TitleSCAN Web data will be automatically migrated to the new SQL PlantServer providing for a seamless transition.  The new TSWeb data entry modules will be provided with this release and will be designed for rapid data entry using keystrokes with mouse use optional.

COD Format Image Conversion Service

TitleSCAN Systems has established a facility to convert images in the proprietary COD format to industry-standard TIFF files.  Using the new TitleSCAN ImageTRANS software developed specifically for this purpose, this new facility converts COD images to TIFF and also captures and stores the indexing information that is included in the COD-encoded data.

The COD format images are shipped on removable media to TitleSCAN's west-coast support center where the image conversion facility is located.  Using high-performance workstations with large amounts of disk storage acquired specifically for this purpose, the COD data is converted and returned on the same removable media.

This new conversion facility allows current COD format users to electronically convert to an industry-standard format with no loss of information and no need to re-key or re-index data.  If you have COD images that you would like to convert, contact sales@titlescan.com for further information.

Designated Nationals Service Announced

TitleSCAN Systems has announced that it will provide the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) data from the United States Department of the Treasury as an optional TitleSCAN Web service.

Subscribers will receive a special TitleSCAN Web add-on software module that will seamlessly integrate the SDN data into the General Index where it will be automatically searched during all GI searches.  The data will be provided on a routine basis via email or download from a special TitleSCAN Systems site.  Once received, the data can be installed by simply copying it into a special folder on disk.

The subscription fee is $50 per month per server for a single county with reduced rates for multiple counties.  Contact Mary Fenner at mfenner@titlescan.com for further information.


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